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Our free workshops usually last 1 hour. It’s 30 minutes to share knowledge, 15 minutes for our technology partner, and 15 minutes for questions. 

We also offer a longer-paid workshop that covers all areas of a customer-centered transformation. Click here to learn more.

No, you can browse the free content that we post on our website, participate in the workshops, and have a video chat; when you feel ready, you can fill out the initial form; we recommend it to offer a personalized experience.

Most of the content we offer you is free, templates that are easy to find searching the internet. Of course, I will indicate the best strategies for your case and what you should do at all times, and you will be responsible for adapting the content and implementing the necessary changes.

We will have the second session two weeks after the first. This way, you will have time to assimilate everything we are seeing and implement the changes without overwhelming yourself. After that you can pay more sessions for a 1 on 1 mentorship with me or one of our specialists.

Of course, you will have email support and our WhatsApp community throughout the process. I will be at the click of a button to solve your doubts, challenges and queries. This is a free support so expect a response within 48 hours or you could book a 30 minutes video chat here.

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We want to know how we can help you be a leader in customer experience and stay a step ahead of your competition. After completing the form, you will receive a score and free resources to start your CX Connector journey.